You will always be able to find me sitting at the top right hand side of your screen. My friend Panda, who is sitting below the menu bar was drawn by the artist Linda Gaylord. Click on Panda and he will always take you to our Home Page. You can link to Linda Gaylord's website in our Ferret Links section or by clicking here: The Stationery Ferret. When clicking through our site you will find out what our mission is, how to contact us, where and when our meetings are held, a very comprehensive list of vets in the state of California who care for us furry carpet sharks, copies of our newletters in pdf format to print and cherish, links to all kinds of ferret sites including great places to buy stuff for me...ummmm...I mean for your own ferret kids, fun events to attend and pictures of past events our club has attended and of course, and most important, incredibly cute pictures of ferrets.